Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Early Spring Walk

Sometimes I step outside my front door and pinch myself a little, for all the beauty that surrounds me every day. We've had the wettest winter on record this year in England, but that hasn't stopped the spring from coming. It's been mild and even a little sunny lately, so I was surprised last weekend when I walked outside and found everything covered in frost. The kale in my garden, the moss on the stone walls, the crocus and cow parsley stems were all dusted with an icy glitter. But as I walked through the woods the sun melted it all away, and back home in my garden the hawthorne blossoms opened their faces to the warm light. Another picture perfect day on the farm followed.

I'll post again soon about other things going on around here. The lambs are coming soon (some are already here), certain piglets are getting bigger and bigger, and our house is growing a new room. Until then, happy almost spring.

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