Monday, May 21, 2012

End of An Era

This was my table at Crafts in Chelsea, a wonderful craft fair that my Etsy New York team puts on twice annually, as a fundraiser for the local public school. I don't typically post about vending at fairs, but this one was pretty significant because its the last craft fair I'm doing in the U.S. before our big move to England in (gulp) two months time.

I also totally had to post this picture of my favorite customers of the day, these two sisters who each bought one of my totes. Apparently sister number one, carrying the 7 Deadly Sins tote (pride and envy and a bit of gluttony are hidden under her arm), is the more virtuous of the two. But maybe sister number two can aspire to the 7 Heavenly Virtues she's parading around, even if she's a bit of a sinner.

A million thanks to all of my supporters past and present who have come out to these events and helped me to make a creative living. I hope the English are as kind to me as you all have been. I'll miss you. xxx

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