Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Twelve Days of Christmas Crafts: Day 3: Fabric Nesting Baskets

In just a couple of days Jake will be finished with school until 2012. Dang.

That leaves me very little time to make some nice gifts for his teachers, both of whom I love, love, love. I'm thinking about doing some baking for them, and I decided this year to put the cookies, or brownies or whatever I wind up making, into these sweet and very easy to make nesting buckets. Unfortunately I can't offer a tutorial for making them because, as much as I want you to think I just figured out how to whip 'em up on my own, I actually used a pattern. You can find it on Etsy here for a mere nine bucks. The instructions are for four different sizes. Here is the small inside of the large (extra small and medium not shown). Since I used regular fabric for the outside of my buckets (rather than the burlap from used coffee bean bags that Maya, who wrote the pattern, calls for), I found that cotton batting doesn't really give enough support to the large sized bag; its a little droopy. So for subsequent bags I'll use a stiff, iron on interfacing instead.

The small bag has been coming in handy as a great place to stash my sewing staples, so I might keep this one for myself. I have some other ideas for what I might put into these baskets for gifting. To see what they are keep visiting through Christmas eve.

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