Sunday, October 30, 2011

Twas the Night Before Halloween...

This is a procrastination post. Right now I'm supposed to be making yellow boots of some sort to finish the Flash costume that Charlie will be wearing for Halloween tomorrow. But I kind of need a break from Flash. He's too damn fast, and lately I've been feeling the need to slow down.

This afternoon the kids started carving their pumpkins (see above), though by the time they went off to bed the table was still covered with pumpkin guts and some stray seeds. I'll finish them tomorrow. I also still need to adjust the cape for Michael's Superman costume, which is the very same one I made for Charlie last spring. Phew. One thing I did not leave til the last minute this year because I really wanted to make them were trick or treating bags for the boys. Growing up, my four siblings and I always used pillow cases to collect our loot. Whether this was because we were hoping to get a LOT of candy or because they were just practical (probably both) I don't remember. But I thought it would be fun to give my kids some bags that were a little smaller, weren't covered in a floral Laura Ashley print, and that went along with each of their personalities.

These are cotton drawstring produce bags from Ecobags, which we also use for our produce and bulk dry goods at the grocery store. To convert them into trick or treat bags, I just downloaded some free, fun Halloween fonts online, typed the text out in a Word document, and printed them onto some Epson Iron On Transfer paper.

Above is Jake's bag. He loves the bloody font. Some of the kids in his class at school this year are scaring the pants off of each other with their theories about how one sees Bloody Mary on Halloween. Apparently it involves standing in the bathroom with the lights off, flushing the toilet multiple times, and reciting a few select words while looking in the mirror. I had totally forgotten about this ghost story/urban myth from my own childhood until he started talking about it recently.

Charlie's bag is a remake of a tote I sold in my Etsy shop last year which had the same text in black on an orange bag. This suits my middle boy because he's such a tough customer. Seriously: if he comes to your house on Halloween, just give him the goods, nice and slow. You don't want any trouble from an angry Flash when he's coming down from a sugar high. But if you treat him right he's a real charmer.

Michael gets this bag because he tries so hard to be a bad ass like his big brothers, and watching him threaten you might just be one of the funniest things you'll ever bear witness to. But how much of a tough guy can a curly, blond headed two year old with blue eyes the size of Oreos be? Actually, don't answer that.

Happy Halloween everyone. Photos of the boys in all of their costumed regalia will surely follow.

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