Monday, September 9, 2013

If You Go Into the Woods Today

There is a mystery maker among us.

Behind our house there are many, many acres of woods where we walk and play. Last winter I started noticing that someone had built what looked shelters or forts here and there. At first I thought there were only two or three, but the further I ventured into the woods, the more of them I saw. At first they were a little creepy; there was a bit of a Blair Witch quality about them, especially amongst winter's skeletal looking trees.
But since those first few sightings I've seen at least eight or ten, and as the seasons changed so did the structures, and they started to evoke a more Andy Goldsworthy kind of vibe. I can't remember where they all are, and haven't always had a phone or camera handy when I've spotted them, but here are a handful:

This last one was shot at dusk with my phone camera, so its not great. But all of them inspire me, and make the woods an even more magical and mysterious place than it already is. I like to imagine the maker, stealthily building these forts in the night. It's possible that one day I'll discover who it is-most likely someone local, but part of me hopes that I never do. 

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