Thursday, April 24, 2014

More Piglets!

What better way to follow up on my last post about our little piglets growing up than to introduce you to these TEN new baby pigs, who were born last month while we were away on a ski holiday in France. We had no idea these piglets were even coming, and their arrival was met with squeals of adoration from the kids (okay, and me, too). They were born to Kitty and James' sow and boar that live in our field, so lucky for us we don't have to find homes for them. Phew!

They grow very fast, these little sweeties, and they're luckier than their friends next door to be growing up in the sunshine of the field (the winter piglets were semi-sheltered in a barn at Kitty's). They also get plenty of shade if they need it, since we extended the pig pens into the woods behind the field. This lets the pigs root up all sort of other goodies, like acorns in the fall.  

Here you can see them with both their mom and dad, and also next to the teenage piglets, which gives you an idea of their true size. 

Not sure what we're going to do with all of these babies-we finally managed to find homes for six of the first litter of piglets. Anyone want a Gloucester Old Spot?

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