Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Super Easy Ikea Teatowel Hack

Now that they're playing outside a whole lot more, my three little boys are dirtier than ever. I always seem to be short of clean flannels at bath time (those are wash cloths, my American friends), so today I made some. In less than an hour and for under £1 (less than a buck fifty) I made these very chic wash cloths from two Ikea Tekla tea towels. 

These towels measure 20"x26", so first I cut them into four 10"x13" squares. 
 Next I cut out the tag and the little loop for hanging on the underside of each.
Then I folded down the first raw edge by about a quarter of an inch and pressed it. Then I folded it a second time, pressed it again and pinned it into place.
Then I sewed along the edge of each of my newly folded hems, and voila! Four cloths from each of the tea towels.
 They look so pretty now. I'm sure they won't stay white for long! Happy washing up.

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