Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Winter Wallpaper from Kiran Ravilious

Here is a picture of my downstairs bathroom, or loo, depending on where you're reading this. I know its not very nice to look at, but it's sort of a metaphor for what January is feeling like for me right about now. Stripped down, bare, cold and needing some color.

I'm not usually one for wallpaper. It's too much of a commitment, and I'm too afraid of getting it wrong. Luckily, I recently happened upon the beautiful textile designs of Kiran Ravilious. She's a local(ish) artist, based in Leicester, where she prints fabrics and wallpaper by hand from her own linocut designs. Hooray for supporting local and handmade artisans, plus, Kiran's aesthetic is right up my alley. 
This blue and green trumpet leaf design is what's going in the bathroom once it arrives. Each roll is printed to order, so I have to look at that horrible bathroom for a few weeks longer, but I think it'll be worth the wait. Here are a few more of her prints that I love:
These black nettles are so bold, but I loved the green and blue leaves the best.
I also considered this Pastle Rowan print, but it was a little too softly, softly. 
Kiran also prints on lampshades...
...and cushions. 
And I LOVE this tulip print, shown here on a notebook. I would've gotten this for the wallpaper if it had been on offer. 

Kiran also blogs here, and I just started following her beautiful Pinterest boards, which are here. I'll post another image of that bathroom once the paper is up. I bet you won't recognize it!

All images courtesy of and copyrighted to Kiran Ravilious.

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