Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Adoption

This is me first thing this morning. As Henry piled the boys into the car to bring them to school, I did something I haven't done in a very long time. I made up a couple of nice warm bottles of milk, and fed our two new babies.
Yesterday I went shopping with Michael for all the things we'd need for our new lambs, which was not much. We got a hefty bag of ewe formula, a few bottles, and a heat lamp. (While we were at it we replenished our stores of sow feed, wild bird feed and, for tomorrow's arrivals, a big bag of chicken feed. Lordy.)

 Once we'd decided to bring the babies here to live, I had Henry drop everything else he was doing and build a lamb pen in the garage. He cobbled together some wooden pallets, a wire gate, and a bale of straw from the farm.
We went to pick them up, a boy and a girl, last night after supper. Jake held the little girl in his lap in the front seat, and the boy rode in the middle, slightly confused, as Michael and Charlie held him steady between them in the back.
This morning the kids ran straight out to the pen to visit with the lambs before they left for school. This picture of Michael kills me, because he's my first little spring lamb; he's turning four this Saturday. We haven't named the lambs yet, but we will. Though Henry and I are looking to move towards self sufficiency as much as possible here, and to raise our own food, I can't even contemplate the thought of eating these lambs. They are part of our family now.

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